Resources / Learning Resources During Lockdown

The IEB does not endorse any materials. Because of its position as an assessment body it is obliged to remain impartial in respect of how teaching is carried out and the approaches and attitudes of developers of material and writers of texts. Hence the following list is not necessarily complete and in no way reflects approval by the IEB.  Parents, teachers and learners are encouraged to search more broadly for resources they may find useful to explain specific concepts and  topics more deeply.

General resources that align to the CAPS:



Department of Education


Vodacom e-school
Discovery Vitality
ADVTECH Group -  Grade 12 Mathematics Revision Webinar
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 1) and Quadratic Function Notes
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 2) and Trigonometry Notes
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week3) and Circle Geometry Notes
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 4) and Analytical Geometry Notes
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 5) and Revision Questions and Revision Answers
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 6) and Algebraic Exprtessions Notes 
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 7) and Notes Inverse, Exponential Functions and logs
Grade 12 Mathematics Webinar (Week 8) and Calculus Part 1 
ADVTECH Group -  Grade 12 Physical Science Revision Webinar  Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week1) and Quantitative Chemistry Notes                                              
Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week2) and Kinematics Notes
Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week 3) and Chemical Bonding Notes
Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week 4) and Forces Notes
Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week 5) and Organic Chemistry Notes
Grade 12 Physical Science Webinar (Week 6) and Work, Energy and Power Notes
AdvantageLearn - Maths Online and use the gift code  EducateDontContaminate
AdvantageLearn - Past Papers 
Geography Teachers Association and Google Drive Online Prep
Dr Angela Stott  - Learning and Teaching Aids 
Siyavula - Maths and Science
Moving Your Class Online: A Survival Guide for Teachers
Teachers Pay Teachers -  Free resources for IEB English teachers (grades 8 - 12)


Optima-Epoch AP Maths YouTube channel 
High School History Recap 

Physical Sciences : Practicals  and
Life Science Practical
Gr 12 - Population dynamics practical
Winter School: Mathematics & Physical Science 

Provincial department resources:



Western Cape Education Department 

Gauteng Education Department 

Eastern Cape Examination Resources
and ECDoE Curriculum Support: Online Resources

Other resources:



Zibuza - professional learning community

Twinkl - Educational Activity Packs for Parents

Funworks - Information Technology  and 
Funworks - Computer Applications Technology 
Primary School Online resources for Teachers
A Collection of some online resource for Teachers.pdf

The COVID-19 Education Coalition - Free Tech For Learning 
Edduus -  teaching and learning system   and

Gilder Lehrman Institute - Resources and Guidance for Remote Learning