Assessment / High Schools / National Senior Certificate / IEB NSC Supplementary Examinations

The May Examination sitting for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination is available to candidates who were registered for the previous year’s NSC examinations and have completed all the internal assessment requirements for the subjects. 

The May Examination sitting is no longer a supplementary examination and hence the regulations pertaining to the conduct of the Supplementary Examinations do not apply.  


The following candidates will be eligible to register for the May examinations:

  • Candidates who were absent from the previous November examination sitting of NSC examinations
  • Candidates who wish to improve their marks either to achieve a higher category of achievement or to achieve results as required for entry to further studies. 

Candidates are required to adhere to the following regulations pertaining to the May examinations:

  • Candidates may only register for subjects that they were registered for in the previous November examination sitting. 
  • The internal assessment marks from the previous year’s examination will be used – this includes the oral, practical, PAT and SBA marks – in order to meet the internal assessment and external examination requirements.
  • A candidate who was registered for a subject with 2 or more papers in the November examination session and was absent from one of the papers, will have to re-write both papers during the May examination sitting.
  • In a case where an irregularity is being investigated, provisional enrolment for the supplementary examination may be granted to the candidate concerned, pending the outcome of the investigation.
  • Life Orientation is an internally assessed subjects and is therefore not offered during the May examination sitting. 


Registration Fees


  • Registration can be completed on the IEB’s online registration platform –  Applications will be required to make payment through the online platform.
  • A fee per subject is payable.  The fees are determined on an annual basis will be available on the registration platform.
  • The fees for the May examination are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Combination of Results

  • Candidates who repeat one or more subjects must be allowed to combine their subjects based on the current National Senior Certificate requirements to obtain a National Senior Certificate.
  • In combining these subjects, the performance in the seven (7) subjects will be taken into consideration, provided that it meets the programme requirements of the National Senior Certificate.

Candidates who have achieve a bachelor’s level pass and have improved their results during the May examination may request that their results are combined so that the higher marks reflect on the NSC Certificate.