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In an era of globalisation, the IEB is keenly aware of the need for parents to know that the education their children is receiving has value both locally and internationally. Schools also need to know that when they say the IEB NSC is internationally recognised, they know it to be true. In this age, we are equally aware of educational colonialism and the risk it poses to undermining the national priorities of a country.

The IEB wants to ensure that the learners in South Africa become a human resource pool that has the skills and knowledge to make South Africa a successful competitor in the global economy. At the same time our intention is to ensure that, as a nation, we retain within our curriculum the ideals and strengths of the South African nation that sets us apart from the rest of the world. To be a citizen of the world you must first understand the concept of citizenry in your own country.

It was for these reasons that the IEB had its IEB NSC, and the Advanced Programmes in Mathematics and English, benchmarked by UK National Academic Recognition Information Centre (UK NARIC*).

The IEB NSC is a Proudly South African qualification that is equivalent to the UK AS level. In addition its Advanced Programme Mathematics and Advanced Programme English are equivalent to the UK A levels. The IEB has also had past learners being accepted into the most elite universities in the world. The IEB NSC and our Advanced Programme subjects prepare learners for South Africa, and the world at large.

To read more, download the following documents:
IEB CEO’s report on the Benchmarking Analysis of the NSC
UK NARIC report on IEB National Certificate and Advanced Programme Mathematics
UK NARIC report on Advanced Programme English
Brochure: International Comparability of the NSC

International Universities that accept students with an NSC


UK NARIC is the official UK evaluation authority appointed by the British Government and has a substantial International Comparisons database of qualifications from all over the world which they have benchmarked against each other and which is used extensively by evaluation centres across the world.