IEB - Assessment Matters

The Primary School Initiative aims to broaden the awareness of the importance of good teaching and assessment practices at the primary school level.

It wishes to establish a strong collaborative network of primary school educators who are fully conversant with local and global trends, developments and standards and assist primary schoolteachers in embedding these in their daily classroom interactions with learners.

psi offers primary schools a variety of benchmarking opportunities. These provide rich feedback to teachers and can be used to identify the conceptual and learning weaknesses of individual learners as well as areas of weaknesses that are common across the class, phase or school. These can then be targeted as areas for growth in professional development planning, Click on the buttons below for further information.


An IEB psi primary school identifies itself as a South African school with its learning rooted in CAPS, while firmly maintaining global standards.

A psi school has a commitment to valid, authentic assessment and wants to build a strong relationship with the IEB through participation in IEB assessments and workshops. It may have links with a parent IEB high school. It is committed to producing a learner who is:

  • equipped with knowledge
  • a meaning-maker
  • an ethical reasoner
  • possesses the 21st century skills of communication, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity

A psi school has access to:
  • a national support structure for support and collaboration
  • external validation of school standards
  • access to the latest developments about educational policies
  • professional growth through teacher participation in Learning Circles, workshops and conferences
  • regular PSi Matters newsletter
  • added credibility in the eyes of the parent body

For more information, please email Michele Botha or call +2711.483.9700.
IEB - Assessment Matters
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