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What are the acronyms associated with FLC?

Acronyms Meaning
AQP Assessment Quality Partner
CHE Council for Higher Education
DQP Development Quality Partner
FET Further Education and Training
FLC Foundational Learning Competence
FLC Coms or FC Foundational Learning Competence Communications
FLC ML or FML  Foundational Learning Competence Mathematical Literacy
IEB Independent Examinations Board
LOLT Language of learning and teaching
NAMB National Artisan Moderating Body
NLRD National Learners’ Records Database
NQF National Qualifications Framework
NSC National Senior Certificate
QCTO Quality Council for Trades and Occupations
RPL Recognition of Prior Learning
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SETA Sector Education and Training Authority

What is QCTO?

The QCTO acronym stands for the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations.  It is the third quality assurance council to be established, the other two being the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further  Education and Training, better known as Umalusi. Read More

What is an Assessment Quality Partner (AQP)? 

Assessment Quality Partners (AQPs) are appointed by the QCTO to develop standardised assessment instruments for external summative assessment and to manage external assessment for qualifications or part qualifications registered by the QCTO. Read More

What is Foundational Learning Competence (FLC)?  

Foundational Learning Competence is a part qualification consisting of two learning areas: Communications and Mathematical Literacy.  It describes the minimum competence needed in these two key areas that is required by people to function optimally in the world of work. The FLC describes the minimum competence required of learners to deal successfully with occupational learning at NQF Levels 2-4. Read More

What is the rationale for requiring learners to complete Foundational Learning Competence?

The skills developed in the two learning areas, Communications and Mathematical Literacy, have been identified as foundational for learners wanting to progress in their occupation and skills development. Read More

What content is covered in the Foundational Learning Competence curricula?

An outline of the content of the FLC is below:

Communication Mathematical Literacy
Writing Number
Speaking and Listening Finance
Visual Literacy Data and chance
Language Structure and Usage Measurement
Study Skills Space and Shape
Workplace Terminology Patterns and Relationships

Will the Foundational Learning Competence be sufficient for all occupational qualifications?

No. Some occupations or trades will definitely have specific requirements beyond the minimum competence, as covered by the Foundational Learning Competence curricula. Read More

Where can I find the relevant documents for FLC?

There are three documents that describe the learning required:
  • Foundational Learning Competence Part Qualification which contains the Exit Level Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria for both Communications and Mathematical Literacy;
  • Foundational Learning Competence Communication in English: Curriculum Framework;
  • Foundational Learning Competence Mathematical Literacy: Curriculum Framework.
Please refer to the Curriculum Dropdown menu to view the documents.

What are the timeframes for the IEB to introduce various processes?

The IEB is in a position to process the following:
  • Applications to be placed on the database of providers;
  • Applications from providers/organisations for FLC placement assessments;
  • External assessments for FLC in both learning areas are available.
Read More

Where can we find out more about the FLC?
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