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What is a Placement assessment?

A placement assessment is designed to assess learner understanding and level of competence in the learning area.  It assesses skills and knowledge across a range of competence levels in order to determine the level of the learning programme into which a learner should be placed to continue learning.  This safeguard tries to ensure that the demands of the learning programme match the learner’s level of competence in the learning area. Read More

What is the external assessment for Foundational Learning Competence?

Each learning area has an external assessment. The final assessment in each learning area consists of 60 questions in a multiple-choice format. Each external assessment is 2,5 hours in length. Read More

Why has the multiple-choice format been chosen for the external assessment?

The format allows for the building of a reliable item bank of questions. With an item bank it is possible to conduct assessments on a more frequent basis. The multiple-choice format does not require time-consuming marking sessions and hence enables a quick turn-around time between the conduct of the assessment and the release of results.  The methodology appropriately meets the assessment needs of the FLC. Read More

Is a multiple choice format appropriate for assessment of FLC Communications?

Multiple choice testing is an efficient and effective way to assess a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities.  Good question development and proper moderation and trialling, can produce probing questions that reliably assess conceptual understanding, analysis and evaluation in both learning areas i.e. Communications and Mathematical Literacy. Read More

Is there any assessment opportunity to assess writing skills?

The IEB recognises the importance of extended writing and has undertaken the development of an assessment curriculum  that focusses on writing.  It will address skills such as report writing, summarising, evaluating and substantiation of a particular position. This will be made available as soon as it has been developed and information about the assessment itself will then also be made available. 

What is the relationship between the FLC part qualification, assessments in Foundational Learning Competence, the Foundational Learning Competence curricula and learning programmes?

The part qualification Foundational Learning Competence (FLC) outlines the outcomes expected from a learner who has successfully completed the final assessment for the FLC.  The FLC assessment is an external assessment that focusses on the competencies outlined in the part qualification.  The assessment may be written once a learner has completed a learning programme for FLC in either Communications or Mathematical Literacy i.e. the learner has received tuition in the requirements. Read More

Where will the FLC external assessment be conducted? 

In all cases, the final assessment of the FLC will be conducted at IEB recognised assessment centres. Initially assessment centres will be available in major cities and gradually will be expanded to include out-lying areas. The IEB will place a list of assessment centres on the website. Read More

What are the criteria for an organisation to be recognised as an IEB assessment centre for Foundational Learning Competence? What process must be followed?

There are key criteria that must be fulfilled before the recognition of an assessment centre. These include accessibility, health, safety and security criteria and appropriate resourcing. Read More

How does the assessment centre model work?

The assessment centre model will function as follows:
  • An organisation applies to and is recognised by the IEB as an assessment centre for Foundational Learning Competence. The organisation does not have to be a provider of Foundational Learning Competence in order to apply for recognition as an assessment centre.
  • The IEB in consultation with the assessment centre management will determine a set of dates on which FLC external assessment will be available at the centre.
  • Providers of FLC will enrol learners for the external assessment through the IEB. The provider will select the assessment centre which is most convenient for their learners. The provider will work through the IEB and will not deal with the assessment centre.
  • Once enrolled the IEB will confirm with the provider, the names of learners who are registered for the examination and the assessment centre to which they have been allocated.
  • The IEB will inform the assessment centre of the number of learners enrolled for the examination.
  • An examination session will require a minimum of 20 examinees. Should there not be 20 learners registered for the examination on the specified date, learners may be asked to write at an alternate venue.
  • On the day of the examination, the IEB chief invigilator will go to the assessment centre with the examination papers as well as the answer sheets and registers, listing the learners registered for the examination.
  • The assessment centre manager will be required to assist the IEB chief invigilator at the start of the session e.g. checking ID documents, informing examinees about key issues at the centre e.g. fire escapes.
  • If there are more than 40 examinees, the assessment centre will need to provide  additional invigilators as required i.e. one invigilator per 30 (or part thereof) additional examinees.
  • The IEB chief invigilator will collect the question papers and answer books after the examination and submit them to the IEB.
  • The assessment centre management will be responsible only for the running of the examination venue and will not be responsible for any administrative tasks e.g. registration of examinees, distribution of results.
  • The IEB will distribute results to learners via the provider through whom they were registered for the examination.
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Are there any exemplar examination papers available?

Yes there are. Click here for a Communications exemplar. Click here for a Communications memorandum.
Click here for a Mathematical Literacy exemplar. Click here for a Mathematical Literacy memorandum.
IEB - Assessment Matters
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